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Japan Came Up With Fried Maple Leaves – Yay or Nay?

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Autumn comes with it’s warm palette and shades that make you dream of hot tea and a fireplace in front of you. Of course, autumn comes with some serious home issues including leaks and gutter issues. We all know how annoying blocked gutters can be. What if we tell you you can actually eat the maple leaves that cause you troubles? We bet you have never thought about it! Some people in Japan not only thought about it, they have even came up with a recipe. You can find this snack in the area of Osaka and it is said to be very tasty!

Maple Tempura

The actual delicacy is made from maple leaves in tempura batter. The interesting detail of the art called “Fried Maple Leaves” is that the Osaka professionals preserve the leaves in salt barrels for an year before actually cooking them. Not all the recipes require this waiting step though. Don’t panic – you can try this snack too!

The preparation is easy and fast – it will take you no longer than an hour to prepare it! Start with gently washing all the leaves. Let them air dry and you are done with the first step. Make sure the leaves are completely dry before moving on to the next step. Dip the leaves in sweetened tempura batter and fry them in hot vegetable oil. You can serve with maple syrup! 

We at Gutters London will definitely try this recipe out! To eat the leaves actually sounds a nice and delicious way to deal with the gutter blockages!

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