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See the final
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1 month
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11 Tips to Winterise Your Home

Snow in LondonWinter is coming. And this means that the UK will have a truly frosty Winter this year and it’s coming. Soon! According to some forecasts and predictions, the 2015/2016 Winter will be really heavy on the snow. Yes, snow in London, that’s what I just said! And before all of you start dreaming of a fairy tale Christmas, ask yourself one question – do you winterise your home? By doing so, not only you will save energy, but you will protect your home from any harm that Winter brings. Read the rest of this entry »

Gutter Robot Wars










The Battle Of Gutter Robots

We live in an era where all of our tasks are being simplified the maximum. Every chore, which requires a bit more of an effort is made as simple as possible with the addition of new tools. Humanity has this talent in its core to optimize the work process in order to achieve better, faster results. And it all began with the invention of the wheel. Followed by the inventions of thousands of tools and machines and today we simply create robot helpers. Maybe in the future humans will create fully solo-operating machines (robots) to do our biddings.

However, we are here to talk about gutters, so in this here post we are comparing two inventions, created fully for the purpose of simplifying the process of gutter cleaning. As you well know this job requires concentration and being stuck high above the ground on a regular basis. This achievement of engineering is here to do this uncomfortable endeavor  for you. Or at least prevent you from climbing ladders all day and avoid the risk of falling.

The iRobot’s “Looj 330” Gutter Cleaning Robot

Robot Inside a Gutter Pipe
Remote Control Gutter Robot
The Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

Source: Amazon

The tank of gutter cleaning. It is a well designed piece of equipment, no doubt! Light, made from so called “durable” materials and fully capable to get in every type of gutter. It is two inches high and three inches wide with a powerful rotor in the front. Equipped with two perks in the front, for swiping those leaves out and away of your gutters. Also, we have bristles on the sides, so whenever the robot is moving it brushes off any dirt or moss from the walls of your gutter half-pipes. The robot has its own remote control, which is actually his handle. All you need to do is remove this handle, drop the robot in your gutter and push a button on it’s remote that says “Clean”. Simple as that… Or is it?

The EZSmart Gutter Cleaning Tool

Blowing Leaves out of Gutter Pipe
Modern Gutter Cleaning Tool
The Full Set for the Gutter Tool

Source: Amazon

This one looks like a really cool turbine, kind of, a bit more like the main properties of “Baywatch”. Anyway the idea behind this one is simple.

-“If I can blow leaves away from my yard, I can blow them away from my gutters. Just need to stick a pole in this here leaf blower and be done with it!”

Sure, but what do you do with all the dirt and moss…

We have no doubts in one thing. None of those cool toys are a professional grade piece of equipment. But the basic idea behind the projects is for ordinary people to be able to clean their gutter every once and a while and prevent the stacking up of more and more leafs and debris. And here comes the problem. If you have decided to buy one of these here machines, which one would you choose… We will try to help you make this decision from a point of professionals in the niche.

Gutter Cleaning Robots and Household Budget

Let’s talk in digits for minute. You can get a the Looj 330 for around 500-520 GBP for the full kit. It includes the robot itself, a couple of different attachments for the rotating part, a couple of different caps and of course a bag with a logo, for you to carry that gutternator.

The price of the EZSmart however, is much more pleasant for the budget. You get the leaf blower, I mean, the gutter cleaning machine for around 130-150 GBP and it has a mirror attachment, a pole and a small rake for gutters.

Comparing the prices alone, round one goes to the EZSmart project. We know that the amount of work and technology that is invested in each one is way different for us to campare the prices like that, but bare with us. We will get to the other side of the coin.

The bash and clash ! Which of our Gladiators Has The Stronger Armor

Those two pieces of technology claim to be build from strong, quality materials. It is a fact that the Looj has much more contact with the gutters and hard surfaces. When, on the other side the EZSmart is just hanging on that pole and has minor contact with the gutter while rotating the blower and turning it on/off.

The problem with the Looj is that it has a spinning component. And where you have a spinning components on high speed, plus a direct contact with hard surfaces, soon you might have a disaster. The Looj goes all in. This brave little machine is literally head first in the battle with debris. But sooner or later this brave hero will simply bash his head in. While SZSmart is our wizard, the one that strikes from a far and keeps his self in the clear.

We believe that round two is also going for EZSmart.

The “Smart” Factor of Those Gutter Cleaning Machines

After all, the reason you might want to buy such a gutter robot is for you to do as less work as you can. Here comes the strong side of the Looj. It is a much “Smarter” creation, and by smart we mean that it can operate on its own. At least on paper… While with the leaf blower on a stick you have, well a leaf blower, but on a stick. Which means that you have to bash the debris a bit before blowing them away, you have to walk around the house, rotate the blower and so on and so on.

You are still the main muscle and the brains of the operation. On the other side the Looj is not at all perfect and there are a lot of complains about the programming of the robot. Particularly when it hits “Red Mode”. This mode is locking your remote off. Why ?! Because your robot thinks that it is stuck for good and you need to go and rescue it. But complains point that often the robot is not stuck at all and it still goes to “Red Mode” and drives its owners mad. This little inconvenience could be resolved in future versions of the robot and this is why we will cut it some slack and pronounce it as the winner of round three!

Things I Do For Clean Gutters

Final round, which of these tools saves you more efforts. On first sight Looj is winning this, by far, right? We talked about this in “round three”, but we also talked about the “Red Mode”, spinning parts and the risk with them and more. The body of the Looj is on a long base, it simply can’t make a turn in your gutters. And that means that you still have to climb up and down a ladder to switch sides and work on the straight pipes of your gutters.

Plus, you constantly have to be on that ladder and babysit your robot helper. Maybe in a couple of generations the Looj 660 will operate on its own and it will be the best tool, but for now… We will go with EZSmart for round four. You will have to be there and work that elbow grease, but at least you won’t climb up and down all day. Both products claim as a benefit that you won’t have to go on ladders and risk to fall down, and yet it turns out that you WILL have to climb on it and on top of that STAY there.

The final decision lies on your shoulders. We can simply lay out those facts in front of your attention, compare some pros and cons and leave the decision for you. It is your money and your time. However, lets point out that it is still best practise to check your gutters by a professional every once and a while. Being stuck with leafs, dirt, moss and god knows what is not the only thing that can go wrong with your gutters. Twice per year is the ideal period of check up for your gutters and we advise you, kindly, not to miss it.

Here is simple graph for this here post, keeping it simple and informative!

Farewell till next time!

[Infographic] How to Turn Your Gutters into a Bookshelf

Books will never be outdated. Reading is fun, educational, and most of all – inspiring. And while book readers like Kindle become more widespread and accessible, nothing can replace the feel of holding a book in your hands. If you are a reading enthusiast, surely you have tones of books lying in your home. In this post, we will show you a clever way of using your old gutters to store your favourite books, by building your very own DIY gutter bookshelf.
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​What’s The Right Size of Rain Gutters for My House?

Gutters When it comes to installing gutters, there’s one very important question that you ought to be asking yourself early on in the process: What gutter size do I need?

There are some serious ramifications to selecting the appropriate gutter size for your property. Pick a gutter that’s too small, and you’ll find it clogs easily, getting blocked with debris and spilling water out over the edges. Go that way, and the whole process of installing gutters may as well have been a waste of time!

On the other hand though, nobody wants unnecessarily large, bulky plastic pipes pinned up to the outside of their building. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Rain Gutters According to the Local Climate

Rain gutters come in many different and diverse forms, shapes and materials. There are enough reasons for that – financial status of the owners, their desires regarding home styling, expected longevity, expected maintenance required and, of course, climate conditions. Here in this article we will discuss the last factor. It turns out that there is a strong dependence between where you life and what guttering system you are planning to install. Since there are 13 types of climates according to the worldwide climate classification a needed simplification would be made here in order to facilitate the readers: we will split the climates in 3 main different ones – cold, medium and hot, which would reflect winter, autumn and summer, respectively, in a Eastern European country. They have it all there. Read the rest of this entry »

Gutters Leaking & People Sealing: Mandatory Knowledge About Gutter Sealants

Imagine that you would have to face the challenge of a leaking gutter joint or corner in late fall, leaving you with a couple of damp patches on the wall leading to cracks and whatnot. You did try to seal it once, but just the next rainy night it leaked again like never before? You then stubbornly repeat the procedure following all the videos and guides on the Internet you have found. According to them you are seemingly doing the right thing, yet again after a week your gutters are leaking harder than celebrity nude photos lately. Some people understandably prefer to try fixing the issue themselves before calling a professional. But sealing rain gutters is not at all as easy as it sounds. There are some “know how” secrets you need to be aware of before trying one of those instant leak sealers you can buy online.

Gutter repair guy doing his job.

Eavestrough maintenance

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Rain Chains – Are You Sure You Want Them?

Ah, rain chains. Originating from ancient Japan (“kusari doi” for all of you who want to impress their Japanese friends with your new gutter story…) these beautiful ornaments are designed to navigate rain water safely away from your house’s foundation. The Japanese combined them with water containers so the rain water could later be used for other ancient Japanese stuff.

Multiple rain chains for increased effectiveness.

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Life Before Gutters – Shocking Gargoyle Facts and History

Decorative GargoyleAs strange as it sounds, modern-day gutters are something relatively new in the World of architecture. Back in the days (say, thousand years ago) they had buildings with roofs and we are pretty sure they had rain as well. The question then is – how did they divert the water away from the building? The answer is – with style! And with a little help from the gargoyles. Read the rest of this entry »

12 Artistic Works of Rain Gutters

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How to Identify, Eliminate, and Prevent Insect Infestations in Your Home

Insect InfestationMaking your home a no bug zone is a challenging, yet not an impossible task. In order to do it, however, you need to know a lot about the particular pests infesting your home or consult a licensed exterminator about some pest elimination tips. It is also a good idea to read some information from trusted sources before you take any action. This article is a good beginning, since here you may find some basic data about identification, elimination, and preventative pest control. Of course, not all pests can be treated equally (as Animal Farm taught us), so we will discuss some of the most common species one by one: Read the rest of this entry »