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Is Ivy Really That Bad For Your Property?

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Is Ivy Really That Bad For Your Property?

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Many consider ivy as a beautiful home feature. And, of course, it has it’s own beauty and charm.

But at the Gutters London Company we know there are often problems with this plant because it is stubborn and definitely hard to remove. Not taking care of it can easily cause disasters for you and your family! The possible disastrous consequences depend on the material and type of the surface the ivy grows on.

Look at what you should be careful with and the places you should never start growing ivy on!


Weak Bricks

Avoid growing ivy on weakened bricks because this plant makes it’s way into each possible crack and helps moisture to penetrate.

As you know, excess moisture is the main reason of mould and damp!

And mould can be really bad for you and your family, causing many health issues including respiratory problems, asthma, eczema and allergies.

Dry-stacked Walls

This type of walls naturally come with a lot of cracks and holes where ivy takes hold. If ivy starts somehow to grow on your dry-stacked walls, be careful when pulling out the roots – you may destroy your wall if pulling stones down.

Wooden Walls

Ivy can work its way into the structure by opening the joints. Small weaknesses and holes in the wood can also be penetrated by ivy, causing rot.


Stucco is also not appropriate for growing ivy. The problem begins with pulling out the small roots of the plant. If not done by professionals, you can end up with pulled chunks of stucco and paint off. The roots can also cause permanent discolouration of the surface.

We at Gutters London hope this information was helpful enough for you to understand the risks of growing ivy. If you ever end up with problems caused by ivy growing on your walls, you can always call us for help!

Our gutter cleaning specialists are trained to handle all kinds of problematic situations where ivy is involved.

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