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Gutter History in the UK

See the final
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Gutter History in the UK

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Roman DrainOne should always know the history of his predecessors and we as a gutter cleaning business in UK shouldn’t make a difference. That’s why we’ve put on our research glasses and dug up the crucial dates in time that shaped the gutters in England as they are today.

AD 47 – When they conquered Britain, the Romans brought the first drains to the British Isles. They knew that proper water management is essential for the healthcare of the common folk and they made sure water would circulate. They went so far to even worship a special goddess of the sewersCloacina. We can’t help to wonder what special gifts the ancient Romans gave her in tribute.

1066 – Once again our island was invaded, this time by the Normans. The conquest led to a massive rebuilding of English towns and churches. Stone roofs and parapets became ‘the thing’ and the first form of gutters, stone gargoyles, protected the roofs and were used for water clear.

1240 – At the end of 1066 the Tower of London was build. It may served as a symbol of oppression from the new ruling Norman elite, but it gave us the first ever downpipe. It was during 1240 that the tradition of whitewashing began under King Henry III’s rule. The downpipe was erected so it could protect the whitewashed walls from any rainwater falling down on them from the roof.

Middle Ages – Bad living conditions and vulnerable building materials were the main causes of mass complains among the population. Anti-fire legislation encouraged the use of tiled roofs, which were much more convenient for attaching wood, lead or clay tile gutters to them. Slowly but steadily the house roofs were developing to the design they would have 500 years later.

1539 – Thanks to king Henry VIII and his Suppression of the Monasteries, large quantities of recycled lead was provided for use. This benefited the gutter industry providing material for many rainwater goods, with hopper heads and cisterns on grand houses.

1709 – Abraham Darby I successfully produced cast iron using the help of coke fuel in his Coalbrookdale blast furnace in Shropshire. Cast iron quickly became the most popular material for rainwater goods and by the 19th Century it has completely replaced lead.

1939-1945 – World War II was a catalyst for many industrial and technological advancements. Apart from inventing the radar, it served well in the development of a better and cheaper plastic. Naturally, plastic moved cast iron as the most convenient gutter material.

2010s – London finally became the gutter cleaning capital of the World as Gutters London opened doors and started providing it’s citizens with top class gutter cleaning services.