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Make Gutter Cleaning a Vital Element in Your Property Maintenance Routine

See the final
results on our special
Gutter Camera
1 month
guarantee on
all cleaned gutters
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Make Gutter Cleaning a Vital Element in Your Property Maintenance Routine

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Property MaintenanceWhen it comes to a property’s guttering system it gets very little attention until a problem occurs. Water dripping down exterior walls is a sure sign that your gutter cleaning is long overdue.

To understand how important clean gutters are let’s first explain the reason your property has them. Gutters carry rainwater away from the building and minimise the likelihood of it seeping into the structure causing damage and leading to mould.

Unfortunately, this protection can quickly become blocked with general detritus, dirt, grime and leaves. When this happens the guttering is no longer effective and the resulting damage can be very costly to repair.

Prevention is easy as all it requires is regular professional cleaning of your gutters. Twice a year is adequate and the best time is at the beginning of spring and just before or just after autumn. When you need help with gutter cleaning in London and the rest of the UK has plenty of experts you can call on and it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Now that you understand the role they play let’s take a look at some of the damage that can occur if you don’t keep your gutters clean.

Damage to Walls

Wet WallsWhen water is allowed to accumulate in a clogged gutter (check the signs of blocked guttering here) it will eventually overflow and start running down the walls. Anything the water encounters such as windows, doors and brickwork will quickly become damaged and require repair. The water will weaken the materials and eventually rot them which will mean you’ll have to replace them. Depending on the damage you could find yourself in need of repair and replacement.


MosquitoesA favourite place for mosquitoes to make their home is standing water and if your gutters are blocked they will find this perfect for setting up a breeding ground. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and if you’ve got them in your gutters you’ll find them particularly annoying when they make their way into your home. Keeping your gutters free of debris will remove this attractive mosquito abode.

Icy Paths and Driveways

Frozen DrivewayIf a leaking gutter is dripping water on pathways, driveways and other surfaces used by your family when the water freezes you could find yourself with a bit of a hazard. Even if it’s not freezing the constant drip of water will soon have your pathways covered with moss or algae and create a slip hazard for you and any visitors. You also stand a chance of the gutter actually collapsing and falling on the head of a passerby.

Wood Damage

Water backing up in your gutters can be very heavy, especially in the winter when the water could turn to ice. Gutters aren’t designed to withstand this kind of pressure and will often pull away from the house and the wooden fascia boards. Of course, this will lead to wood damage and the lifespan of the gutter will be much shorter.

Roof Damage

Damaged RoofWhen your gutters are constantly full of water due to a blockage it will mean your roof is always in contact with the water. Some of the materials that make up your roof will rot, weaken and lead to damage and prompt costly repairs. In extreme situations, you could find yourself needing to replace the whole roof.

Of course, now you know what kind of guttering problems a lack of cleaning is likely to lead to we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a job that moves up your regular maintenance schedule. Preventing any damage is simple. You just need to make sure you keep your gutters clean. The procedure is simple but it does involve climbing up a ladder so for those of you who are a little reticent take advantage of one of our professional guttering maintenance & repair services in London. It’s money well spent.

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  1. Lizabeth Brandon says:

    It is always a better option to get the problem fixed when it starts. In the same way property maintenance can save your money on home improvements.

  2. When people invest on their property, then it means they increase their place values .

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