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See the final
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Best Rain Gutters According to the Local Climate

Rain gutters come in many different and diverse forms, shapes and materials. There are enough reasons for that – financial status of the owners, their desires regarding home styling, expected longevity, expected maintenance required and, of course, climate conditions. Here in this article we will discuss the last factor. It turns out that there is a strong dependence between where you life and what guttering system you are planning to install. Since there are 13 types of climates according to the worldwide climate classification a needed simplification would be made here in order to facilitate the readers: we will split the climates in 3 main different ones – cold, medium and hot, which would reflect winter, autumn and summer, respectively, in a Eastern European country. They have it all there. Read the rest of this entry »

Gutters Leaking & People Sealing: Mandatory Knowledge About Gutter Sealants

Imagine that you would have to face the challenge of a leaking gutter joint or corner in late fall, leaving you with a couple of damp patches on the wall leading to cracks and whatnot. You did try to seal it once, but just the next rainy night it leaked again like never before? You then stubbornly repeat the procedure following all the videos and guides on the Internet you have found. According to them you are seemingly doing the right thing, yet again after a week your gutters are leaking harder than celebrity nude photos lately. Some people understandably prefer to try fixing the issue themselves before calling a professional. But sealing rain gutters is not at all as easy as it sounds. There are some “know how” secrets you need to be aware of before trying one of those instant leak sealers you can buy online.

Gutter repair guy doing his job.

Eavestrough maintenance

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Rain Chains – Are You Sure You Want Them?

Ah, rain chains. Originating from ancient Japan (“kusari doi” for all of you who want to impress their Japanese friends with your new gutter story…) these beautiful ornaments are designed to navigate rain water safely away from your house’s foundation. The Japanese combined them with water containers so the rain water could later be used for other ancient Japanese stuff.

Multiple rain chains for increased effectiveness.

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12 Artistic Works of Rain Gutters

Nobody said that rain gutters should be only related to misery, debris and water flow. In fact, some people across the globe have found a way to put a little fun in them along with the leaves and branches. Everyone should agree that if you are avoiding getting your house flooded you should at least do it with style in a creative and amusing manner. We have collected 12 real life proofs that entertainment can be implemented in even the most boring of jobs. Enjoy this set of hilarious rain gutters we’ve found around the Internet: Read the rest of this entry »