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5 Tips to Maintain Your Gutters Like a Professional

See the final
results on our special
Gutter Camera
1 month
guarantee on
all cleaned gutters
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5 Tips to Maintain Your Gutters Like a Professional

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Gutter CleaningWe’ve decided to sabotage ourselves and show you some gutter cleaning tips that will help you maintain your gutters by your own. It’s more of a common sense than any hidden know-how, but here are the five points of gutter cleaning that will immensely reduce your gutter related problems.

Safety always first

This goes to every home tasks you do. Nothing is more important than your health. And since gutters are at a certain height so you must be extra careful for any slips, trips or falls.

To minimize any risks make sure you chose the right ladder. If a stepladder can be of use, pick it as it is much easier to be balanced on. If you need that gives you more reach, pick a stable and heavy ladder. Make sure to place it on an even ground and never lean it on movable objects as they may break or fall.

Also never try to reach something that is just too far. Any overextending and you might find yourself on the ground with a broken limb. Simply move the ladder to reach the place.

It is a good idea to use work gloves. Your hands are all the tools you need to pick up the debris, but some twigs can be pointy and good gloves will save you from cutting yourself.


There are numerous tools on the market for a professional gutter cleaning but as I said, your hands are all you need. After all you got to take care of only your house and buying professional gear is simply pointless.

The optimal way here is simply grabbing and throwing any objects that are found in your gutters. You can collect them easily from the ground once you are finished. In some cases a small shovel might come in handy.

Water testing

After you’re done with cleaning the gutters it is a good idea to run water trough them. Firstly you will wash all the small particles you missed and secondly, this will be a test to see if your downspouts aren’t blocked. You can even check if there are any cracks or leaks while rinsing.

Work smart, not hard

You don’t have to reserve a whole weekend twice a year to entirely clean the gutters. It would be much more effective to clean them regularly and not wait the debris to build up. That way your cleaning sessions will be shorter and won’t be too messy.

Preventing is more easy than fixing

If you live in an area with a lot of trees and there are a lot of debris filling your gutters it might be a good idea to invest in gutter protectors. They are placed upon the gutters with the idea to stop any non-liquid materials reaching your pipes.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us. If you feel you’re improperly cleaning your gutters you can always book our services and watch how the professionals do it.

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