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3 Clues Your Roof Needs Replacement

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3 Clues Your Roof Needs Replacement

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Roof ReplacementSooner or later comes a time in every home owner’s life to replace his home’s roof. It is a most dreadful, money-gulping and painful process that one tries to avoid as much as he can. But in the end time takes it’s toll and it’s simply something you have to do. That’s why to even start to think of replacing your roof with a new one, you must be completely sure the current one is wasted. A specialist’s opinion is always needed, but there are some hints that even an untrained eye could notice. Even if you are not an expert carpenter, it is a good idea to visually check your roof every once in a while for the following three signs:

Sagging or Leaking

Roof HoleThis is by far the most obvious hint there is something wrong with your roof. Leaking may be detected from the exterior, but in most cases it’s something happening inside the house. The attic is the first place to look. If there are puddles of water you can’t explain, mould growth, rotting or wet wood or even visible light, those are signs of roof damage. You should immediately contact roofers for advice whether the issue is repairable or the whole thing must be replaced.

Aged Roof

Old RoofHaving and old roof doesn’t necessarily mean it is damaged. But if it is more than 20 years old, it might be a bright idea to reach a roofing contractor to inspect it. The chances are if it lasted for 20 years it would last for a few more, but you can never be too sure. There might be issues that are not visible like rotted wood or something else only a professional would spot. There is always the possibility whoever built your home have done it right (congrats if it was yourself), but better bother yourself one afternoon and be sure, than for the roof to collapse while you are enjoying a family meal.

Damaged Shingles

Sean Connery PunRoof shingles are almost always highly visible and so are an important aspect of a building’s aesthetics. Damage on them may take form in many different ways and shapes and it will really ruin the whole facade. Asphalt shingles, the most commonly used ones, often curl or buckle. This is a sign they need to be replaced. Also, if you find small pebbles fallen around the house, that means your shingles are damaged and it is time to act.

These three signs are the most visible trails for you to show your roof needs replacing. Of course always consult with professionals before doing so and see if the damages can be simply repaired instead. The same applies for repainting gutters, too. And remember, damaged roof can lead to something even more terrifying – it can even damage your gutters. Thankfully, for that we can always send our gutter repair technicians.

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